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Target Murder Suspect Used Antique Gun Purchased Online


Donald Wayne Bricker Jr. was denied bail after prosecutors told the judge that the gun that Bricker used to allegedly shoot and kill Mariam Folashade Adebayo in the parking lot of the Target store in Germantown had arrived in the mail to his home only that morning.

The 27-year-old Bricker who is charged with First Degree Murder, appeared in court via video monitor for a bond hearing before Judge John C. Moffett in District Court in Rockville Friday afternoon. Other than saying his name, Bricker only said one word, “Yes,” when Judge Moffett asked if he understood that he could hire his own attorney.

Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Deborah W. Feinstein asked Judge Moffett to continue holding Bricker without bond due to the violent nature of the crime. She said that Bricker is believed to have shot and killed Adebayo in a crowded shopping center parking lot and the incident was captured on surveillance cameras.


Feinstein further outlined that violent nature of Bricker telling the court that the gun which Bricker is said to have used had arrived in the mail at his residence in Hagerstown on the morning of the day of the murder. She said that because Bricker, a convicted sex offender and could not legally purchase a firearm, use a loophole in the law to order a replica antique “black powder” gun online and had it delivered through the mail. The purchase of antique firearms and replicas of antique guns is not regulated.

While prosecutors would not go into too many details about the gun, they did say that it was a handgun, not a long gun. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, an antique firearm is “any firearm (including any firearm with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system) manufactured in or before 1898; or any replica of any firearm… [that] is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition.”

Feinstein told the court that Bricker had previously purchased 100 rounds of ammunition for the antique and practiced firing it at least once before going to meet Adebayo in the parking lot on Monday evening.

Aubrey Dillon, with the Maryland Public Defender’s office, asked Judge Moffett to allow Bricker to post some amount of bond, arguing that the defendant has been employed as a home improvement contractor. “He likes to work on houses,” Dillon told the court, “he likes seeing the results of his work.”


Based on the severity of the crime and its violent nature, Judge Moffett denied bail for Bricker. He reminded Bricker that if he wanted to hire an attorney he must do so well before his next court appearance which would be a status hearing scheduled for June 26.

After Bricker’s court appearance, Montgomery County States Attorney Spokesperson Ramon Korionoff said the only reason the prosecutor’s brought up the type of firearm that was used was that “it shows that he has a propensity to be able to get weapons to commit the crime.”

Prosecutors said that they did not yet know that make and model of the gun, but said that is “very old fashioned looking gun.” Korionoff said that the States Attorney’s Office was still awaiting the ballistics and autopsy reports in this case.

At 7:33 pm, Monday evening on June 1, police received multiple calls for a shooting in the parking lot in front of the Target located at 20908 North Frederick Road in Germantown. Officers responded to the area and located the victim.

At the scene, multiple witnesses observed an altercation in a vehicle between Adebayo and Bricker. Witnesses stated that at some point during the altercation, Adebayo exited the vehicle to get away from Bricker. The suspect then exited the vehicle holding a handgun. Bricker fired the gun in the direction of Adebayo and she fell to the ground. Bricker was then observed walking up to Adebayo and shooting her again. Bricker then fled from the scene in a white, older model, Ford Ranger pickup truck.

According to police, at approximately 7:42 pm, an officer located Bricker’s vehicle in the area of Comus Road and Old Hundred Road in Dickerson. Officers then initiated their cruisers’ emergency lights and sirens. When the suspect failed to stop, a pursuit was initiated.

Bricker then led police on a high-speed chase on the rural roads in far western Montgomery County, according to police reports heard over a police scanner. In Dickerson, the suspect began heading south on Rt. 28 with officers in pursuit. Pursuing officers communicated over the radio that the suspect reached speeds of 80- or 90-miles per hour as he sped eastbound on Rt. 28 before crashing.

At approximately 8:12 pm., according to police, in the area of the 15800 block of Darnestown Road, the Bricker’s vehicle was involved in a single-vehicle collision between Black Rock Road and Whites Ferry Road. At that time officers arrested Bricker and he was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries he sustained in the collision. A handgun was recovered at the collision scene. Officers seized the vehicle which contained evidence related to the crime.

Interviews with the victim’s family and friends revealed that Adebayo and Bricker had been dating for approximately six months and had recently ended the relationship.

Bricker is a registered sex offender after a 2008 conviction for Sexual Offense in the Third Degree in Washington County, which means sexual contact without the consent of the victim, along with an aggravating factor, like causing or putting in fear of serious physical injury. A Third Degree Sexual Offense also includes sexual contact with mentally disabled victim or victim under age 14 with the perpetrator being four years older, or a sexual act with victim 14- or 15-years old.

Bricker has had other run-ins with police, in December 2007 he plead guilty to disorderly conduct for an incident which took place in on July 25, of 2007 in Washington County. He was arrested and charged with other crimes in association with that incident but was not prosecuted, according to court records.

This remains an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information about this event is asked to call the Department at 301-279-8000 (24 hour line). Callers may remain anonymous.


Top: Police crime scene tape at the Target parking lot on Monday night.

Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Next: The defendant Donald Wayne Bricker, Jr.

Photo of suspect from the Maryland State Sex Offender Registry.

Next: A photo of a Colt Dragoon Mod 1848 revolver. An example of a black powder revolver which may have been used in this case. This model is widely available from online gun sellers.

Photo by Hmaag, via Wikimedia Commons

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