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First Responders Rescue Wounded Biker From Remote Area

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Members of the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service Technical Rescue Team were called to the wooded area between Germantown Road and Riffle Ford Road last night to locate and assist a cyclist who crashed and become unable to walk.

According to MCFRS senior spokesman Pete Piringer, the call came in at about 6:45 pm on Thursday night for a male who had wrecked while mountain biking along the Seneca Trail and become incapacitated. Seneca Trail winds for 2.5 miles through Seneca Creek State Park in the wooded area between Riffle Ford Road and Germantown Road.

MCFRS personnel located the victim through the use of his GPS system, according to Piringer. It took firefighters about 45 minutes to reach the 35 year-old male patient, who was located off the trail and in a remote area about a mile and three-quarters from Riffle Ford Road. Rescuers arrived on foot and ATV, while MCFRS four-wheel drive vehicles staged in the clearing area where power lines cut through the forest.

“Once he was located and evaluated by EMS personnel, it was determined that he had suffered several orthopedic injuries which incapacitated him to the point that he couldn’t move,” said Piringer. His injuries, while severe, were non-life threatening. He was extracted through use of ATVs to the four-wheel drive units, which then drove him out through the access near Brandon Way Road.

Piringer said that about 18 firefighters, EMTS, and paramedics were on the call and units staged on both Riffle Ford Road and Germantown Road. Rescuers search from both locations working inward to locate the patient. He was transported to a hospital.

File Photo by Germantown Pulse.

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