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Clemente Middle School’s Rock Band Movie Rocks The House in World Premiere


In the moments prior to the world premiere of “Best Day of My Life: The Rock in Schools Story” last night, the star of the film could be seen greeting her public in lobby of the theatre. The director could be seen nervously pacing awaiting the public’s reaction to the film. The producer could be seen doing interviews with media. The stars of the movie could be seen taking pictures in front of the paparazzi wall. It was a big deal. It may as well been at a big name Hollywood theater.

But it was at the Seneca Valley High School in Germanton and it WAS a big deal.

The film opened to a standing-room-only crowd of Roberto Clemente students and alumni, and teachers and administrators from RCMS feeder schools, as well as a number of people from the Germantown community.

The star of the documentary about the Rock in Schools program at Clemente Middle School is music teacher and now, film producer and star, Randi Levy.


However, Levy wasn’t basking in her stardom, she was reflecting it because the true stars of the film are the Roberto Clemente music students who could be seen throughout the film struggling to find the right words to explain to director Simon Kim just how important music has become in their lives, and how much better their lives are since being involved with Levy’s Rock Band program.

The true and honest emotions of the middle schoolers talking about the joys and difficulties of being in a band, and being 13, and just… being, are the fabric of the film. The kids are captivating and Kim’s gentle hand could be felt behind the camera carefully allowing the kids to blossom on screen as they talk about how important the Rock Band program is to them.