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Knife Found in Locker at Roberto Clemente Middle School


Administrators found a knife inside a student’s locker at Roberto Clemente Middle School last Thursday, May 7, according to a letter sent home to parents today by Roberto Clemente Middle School Principal Khadija F. Barkley.

The letter states that it was brought to school administration’s attention that a knife was seen in a student’s locker on Thursday, and another student brought a toy gun to school on Friday, May 8. The letter did not say the incidents were related. “Administration retrieved the knife from the student's locker and it was investigated by the Montgomery County Police Department. The police retrieved the toy gun from the home of the student,” said Barkley in the letter.

“We do not believe either of the students intended to harm or frighten anyone, but both students will face appropriate consequences aligned to the MCPS Code of Conduct,” continued Barkley.

The unidentified students could face what the MCPS Code of Conduct designates as Level 3 disciplinary action which include detention, in-school suspension, removal from extracurricular activities, and community service among other responses.

According the MCPS 2014-2015 Code of Conduct, “These responses aim to correct behavior by stressing its severity and acknowledging potential implications for future harm, while still keeping the student in school. These responses may involve the short-term removal of a student from the classroom. Such a removal should be limited as much as practicable without undermining its ability to adequately address the behavior.”

In her letter, Principal Barkley asked parents to remind students that weapons, even fake weapons were not permitted on school property. “Please remind your child that weapons of any type, including fake weapons, are not permitted at school. It is important that students feel safe at all times.”

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