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Search for Hoggle Children Did Not Turn Up Any New Clues

Hoggle Search-87-20000101.jpg

Little Jacob and Sarah Hoggle have been missing for 223 days, and on the 224th day Montgomery County Police, along with search teams from surrounding counties and volunteer search groups from as far away as Pennsylvania conducted a massive search for the missing children on Sunday, April 19.

Search teams fanned out throughout the Upcounty area, searching wooded areas along Great Seneca Highway and Clopper Road in Germantown, using K-9 dogs. Search teams from Charles County provided boats specially equipped with sonar.

However, late this afternoon MCPD said that the search did not turn up anything significant.

Police said that 102 searchers, including thirteen K9 teams, three boats, seven horses, five all-terrain vehicles, and ground teams worked in covering 600 acres, seven miles of roadside searching and railroad tracks, and completed a side sonar scan around Little Seneca Lake. Several areas from the original search area were rechecked.

"Although nothing significant was found, MCP will continue to search for Sarah and Jacob. We greatly appreciate the assistance from outside agencies and the trained civilian volunteers," said MCPD.

The boats were deployed to Little Seneca Lake and could be seen trawling near the banks of the lake near Clarksburg Road, while K-9 teams could be seen searching along the banks of the lake in in Black Hill Regional Park.

“Today Montgomery County is being joined by several other police agencies and volunteer organizations to search for Sarah and Jacob Hoggle,” said MCPD public information officer Nicole Gomaard meeting the press outside of Montgomery County Police Headquarters. “We are being joined by US Park Police, Corrections, Charles County, Maryland State Police, Louden County Sheriff’s Office, Fairfax County Police, The Natural Resources Police , National Maryland Capitol Park and Planning Police, and our own fire rescue divisions. Our volunteer organization which are helping us search with canines are Chesapeake Search and Rescue, Dogs East, Mason Dixon Search Dogs, Bay Area K-9 Search & Rescue, and Pennsylvania Search Dogs.”

“We are also going to have a couple of boats at our disposal,” said Gomaard. “They are not diving, they are doing a side-sonar scan. We have horses that are going to be out searching as well.”

Officer Jason Huggins, who is the Montgomery County Police search team coordinator said the the side sonar is pulled behind the boats and allows searchers to see an image of the bottom of the lake.

Hoggle Search-65-20000101.jpg

Police have been insisting that this new round of searches is not based on any new investigative leads but is part of the continued efforts of the department to locate the Hoggle children.

“Our goal is to find the Hoggle children,” said Gomaard. “We want to bring closure to that end of this case. That is why we are doing another search today. This is one of several dozen that we have done since the children were last seen on Sept. 7 and Catherine Hoggle was taken into custody on Sept. 12. We have had extensive search operations since then and we are continuing those operations today.”

Jacob Hoggle, age 2, was last seen in the Darnestown area at approximately 4:00 p.m. on September 7, 2014. Sarah Hoggle, age 3, was last seen in the Clarksburg area on the evening of September 7 at approximately 9:00 p.m.

The children were last known to be in the company of their mother, Catherine Hoggle. Catherine Hoggle also went missing on Sept. 8. She was found in Germantown and taken into custody by police on Friday, Sept.12. The children were not with her when she was taken into custody.

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Catherine Hoggle has been charged with two counts of child neglect and Montgomery County detectives are continuing to build