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Teen Charged With Attempted Murder Hopes to Be Tried As Juvenile

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Marvin Frazier, the 15-year-old Germantown boy, who is facing life in prison on attempted murder charges and being tried as an adult for opening fire with a gun at schoolmates earlier this month is hoping to be tried as a juvenile.

Frazier was in court Friday in Rockville for a preliminary hearing before Judge John C. Moffett, but the Frazier’s attorney Jennifer B. Page asked for a two-week continuance and the hearing was rescheduled for Friday, April 10.

Frazier, whose nickname is “Squeak” because of his small stature – he is listed in court documents as 5-foot, 3-inches tall, weighing 110 pounds, appeared in court with his father. He stood quietly as Judge Moffett and his attorney discussed the rescheduling of the case.

“We are obviously going to try to have this waived down to juvenile court,” said Page after court proceeding were concluded. “I think our chances of pretty good to have that happen.” She said the court will use a report from the Maryland Division of Juvenile Services which will determine if Frazier’s case may be moved to Juvenile Court.

Page said that the DJS will use five factors to make that determination; age, size, past juvenile record, background and willingness to get treatment.

“Obviously, if you are seventeen, you’re less likely to be waived back,” said Page. Frazier is just 15 and won’t turn 16 until the end of May. “Another factor is size. He is not a hulking guy, so that can make a difference. He is very soft spoken young man.”

Page said that Frazier is complying with all the Pre-Trial Assessments and Supervision requirements. On condition of his bond hearing, Judge Hamilton ordered that Frazier is released must remain on strict “24/7 curfew” at his residence on Whitechurch Circle in Germantown and undergo mental fitness testing. His attorney said the Frazier has been home and wearing an ankle bracelet and regularly checking-in with his Pre-Trial Supervisors as well as providing urine samples. “This shows a willingness to be rehabilitated,” said Page of Frazier.

Page also said that she was working to get Frazier back into the school system. Although he may not return to Seneca Valley High School. “Education is very important to his parents.”

Frazier’s was arrested on March 12, after an incident which occurred on the morning of March 9 at about 11:14 am when Montgomery County Police were called to the area of 19641 Crystal Rock Drive in Germantown for the report of a shooting that had just occurred.

According to court documents, a witness “observed a black male point a handgun at a group of others and fire two or three shots.” After arriving on the scene, police were unable to locate any victims or evidence of a shooting. However, after canvasing the neighborhood, police were able to locate three residents who had also stated hearing two or three gunshots in the area, which is less than a block away from Seneca Valley High School.

As a result of this shooting, Seneca Valley High School went into “Shelter Procedure” for about an hour on Monday, March 9.

The charging documents indicate that police were able to piece together Frazier’s involvement in the shooting after the younger brother other the student Frazier was to fight was arrested on Tuesday, March 10 for possessing a knife on school property at Martin Luther King Middle School. The knife was discovered after a fight with Marvin Frazier’s younger brother. As a result of this incident, school security at MLKMS were concerned that something might happen at Seneca Valley High School because both of the students involved had older brothers attending the high school.

At this point, according to court documents, Montgomery County police were called to Seneca Valley High School. The school went into another “Shelter Procedure.” Police interviewed the brother of the student who brought the knife to MLKMS, and after a search, located another knife and the student was arrested for possessing a knife on school property, according to court documents.

According to charging documents in this case, investigators determined that the boy brought the knife to school “for protection because someone tried to shoot him on March 9.” He also told police that he and Frazier were “having a disagreement and were going to fight it out at a location off of school property,” said court documents. The boy told police that when he arrived at the location for the fight, “Frazier began shooting at him and his friends,” said court documents.

On March 12, police were able to obtain messages from one of the boy’s mobile devices which further implicated Frazier in the shooting, and he was arrested at his residence later that morning.

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