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Germantown Home Prices Increased in February, Over 2014 Prices


Happy March and do not worry the Spring weather and housing market is just around the corner. Before you know it, you will blink and the kids will be out of school. The market in February was much better than the snow that was outside for most of the month. The volume of sales and the amount of sales for the month were both up when you compare it to last year and in the month of January. This was good, now the average and median prices were lower than January but compared to February of last year they were up about 5 percent which is higher than inflation was means that the housing market in Germantown is doing well.

As standard in the winter, the average days on the market for property has risen as the winter progresses now about 75 days. This is because the house that stay on the market and do not sell in the winter are typically your distressed property and they do not go off the market until they are sold. You will see a sharp decrease in the days on the market in the next report. But even still that is below the bell weather test of a good market which is typically 90 days average days on the market for an active home.

The Germantown Housing Market survived the winter and I hope you did as well.

The spring rainy season is coming so a quick few words about that.

1) Inspect or have someone inspect your gutters and downspouts. Try to do this once when it is dry and once when it is raining. The rain inspection will confirm that your gutters are firmly affixed to your house and you do not have space between you gutter and you fascia which could cause water to enter your home.

2) Make sure they are clear from any debris so that the water can flow freely away from your house. This is a cause for basement flooding this time of year.

3) While you are walking around your house look down as well. Confirm that your ground is graded way from the house. What I mean by this is that the highest point is by the house and it dirt starts to slope away from the house. This is another way the water can get into your house is if the grading has changed and the ground is pushing water into your house.

4) Trim tree branches that might be above your house or are growing close to your house. These two might propose a hazard for your family if we get and major thunderstorms that involve high winds.

I hope the weather has changed and we can all enjoy some time outside in beautiful D.C. Spring weather.

About the Author


Andrew Einsmann is a local Germantown Real Estate Agent with 9 years of Experience. He has been involved in the community as part of the Upcounty Citizens Advisor board and a long time resident of Germantown and Montgomery County. For any real estate questions just ask. www.BethesdaGermantownhomes.com