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Leggett Presents MoCo FY2016 Operating Budget; Schools Funds Increase, But Not Enough to Cover Expec


“This budget signals that our hard work of fiscal responsibility is not done,” said Leggett. “We see lower-than-expected income tax revenues, a still fragile national economic recovery and the prospect of less State funding. While my FY16 budget is, essentially, a ‘same-services’ budget, I have strategically looked for opportunities in it to improve job growth and expand our tax base.”

Leggett’s budget includes a tax-supported County government budget of $1.4 billion, a 1.1 percent increase over this year. However the total County budget, when funding from Maryland State and federal revenues is included is $5.1 billion – a 1.4 percent or $72.1 million increase over last year’s total budget.

The proposed $5.1 billion Montgomery County operating budget is higher than the fiscal year 2015 operating budgets for the states of Delaware ($4.5 billion), South Dakota ($4.3 billion), and Vermont ($3.6 billion).

“Although carefully constrained in some areas, this budget continues the County’s significant investments in our schools, the creation of good jobs, transportation, affordable housing, public safety, our Positive Youth Development Initiative, our seniors, and in help for the vulnerable in our midst,” said Leggett.