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Accident Requires Medevac Transport From SoccerPlex

A collision which occurred at Great Seneca Highway and Grotto Lane at approximately 3:00 pm on Monday, March 16 required a young child to be helicoptered out of the area.

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue units responded to the accident and between a green Toyota SUV and a black Chrysler 300. EMS personnel found a small child, who was in a car seat, that had been violently jostled during the collision with serious, priority 2, non-life threatening injuries, said MCRS spokesman Pete Piringer.


As of the result of the trauma, EMTs decided to have the child medevaced to the hospital. However, due to the location of the accident the closest suitable place for a helicopter to land was about three miles away at the Maryland SoccerPlex.

MCFRS loaded the child into an ambulance and drove to the SoccerPlex to await the United States Parks Police Eagle helicopter, which arrived about 3:30 pm. The helicopter landed in an empty parking lot next to the Germantown Indoor Swim Center. Park Police and members of MCFRS transferred the injured child to the helicopter and it was back in the air in a matter of minutes. The child was flown to Children's Hospital at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.


Top: MCFRS personnel and US Park Police helicopter crew members tranfer the patient and the helicopter takes off.

Next: The accident scene at Great Seneca Highway and Grotto Lane.

Photos and video by Germantown Pulse.

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