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Silent Beacon Releases Smartphone App


Germantown-based Silent Beacon, a company which introduced a wearable lifesaving device that allows users to use Bluetooth to instantly locate, track and communicate with loved ones who require emergency assistance, has released a free smartphone app.

The free smartphone app allows users to get in touch directly with emergency personnel, or loved ones. Using a list of pre-stored contacts the Silent Beacon app will send a mass text message, emails and push notifications in the event of an emergency with your live GPS position.

Silent Beacon CEO and founder Kenneth Kelley knows, first-hand, the importance of being able to contact loved ones in the event of an emergency. When a car struck and totaled Kelley's vehicle, his smartphone's screen was shattered, preventing him from calling for emergency assistance. At the time, the Silent Beacon was still in the research and development stages, but at the moment of the accident, Kelley realized, "This is exactly why we need a wearable device to help people in emergency situations, this is why the world needs the Silent Beacon."

In addition to assisting victims of car accidents, the Silent Beacon can benefit the elderly, those with medical conditions, and children – along with anyone else who wants the peace of mind the Silent Beacon has to offer.

Kelley is sure that anyone with a smartphone should have a Silent Beacon. “The market for Silent Beacon consists of anyone with a smartphone, which is growing daily,” said Kelley. “There are actually more smartphones in the U.S. then there are humans.” The Silent Beacon app is currently available for download for Apple iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Kelley thinks that the app and device are indispensable for all citizens in the United States not only because of the crime rate in the country, but because of the high number of people who suffer from chronic conditions that put them in need of constant medical supervision. “With the baby boomers turning into seniors at a rate of 10,000 a day the marketplace for this type of product is getting larger.”

The Silent Beacon sells for $59.99, making it the most affordable device of its kind, according to Kelley. The devices – which have a pending patent application – are being presold through the company’s Website, www.silentbeacon.com.


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