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Commercial Dryer Explosion on Wisteria Drive

Lotte Plaza Fire-8.jpg

By Kevin O’Rourke

A commercial dryer explosion at the Zipps Dry Cleaners at 13801 Wisteria Drive in the Lotte Market Shopping Plaza caused about $75,000 in damage.

Zipps Fire1.jpg

Montgomery County Fire Rescue units were called to the cleaning business shortly after 10:00 am Tuesday morning. “The fire was caused when heat from the dryer ignited clothing that contained over-heated cleaning residue,” said MCFRS public information officer Pete Piringer. The fire activated an automatic sprinkler which controlled and contained the fire until firefighters could extinguish it, according to Piringer.

No one was injured, but the MCFRS Haz-Mat unit was called as precaution due to the dryer being a gas-fed and the existence of cleaning chemicals.

Lotte Plaza Fire-7_edited.jpg