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Two Firefighters Injured Battling Trailer Park Fire

Tailer Park Fire.jpg

By Kevin O’Rourke

In the middle of a driving snowstorm on Saturday, Feb. 21, firefighters were called to the Middlebrook Trailer Park at 19515 Frederick Road in Germantown.

During operations to put out the fire, two firefighters suffered non-life threatening orthopedic injuries, according to Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service chief spokesman Pete Piringer.

"The firefighters were injured from fails or slips on ice. One suffered a shoulder injury, the other a knee injury. There were multiple other slips and falls but those were the only two that required any kind of treatment," Piringer told the Germantown Pulse.


The fire, was in a double-wide trailer, was caused by electrical heating tape on frozen pipes near the water heater, said Piringer. The fire extended to the floor under the trailer causing roughly $75,000 in damage and displacing the four adults and two children that lived in the trailer.

The displaced residents, who escaped without injury, are being assisted by the Red Cross.

Photos courtesy Pete Piringer, MCFRS

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