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Germantown-Area Crime Jumps 6.3 Percent in 2014


By Kevin O’Rourke

Crime in the Germantown area increased 6.3 percent in 2014, which is the exact same percent increase in crime countywide, according the Montgomery County Police Department’s Annual Crime Report.

While crime has increased 6.3 percent in the County, rapes, robberies, and burglaries are down significantly countywide. “Even with the overall increase, Montgomery County has experienced the second-lowest crime rate in the past 10 years,” said Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger in the report.

The total number of offenses in 2014 was 24.5 percent lower than in 2010, and 23.9 percent lower than in 2005, according to the report. The crime rate per capita for Montgomery County was 5,046 crimes for every 100,000 people. “The fact is that Montgomery County is a very safe community,” said the report.

Part I crimes, or violent crime in the Germantown area increased 13.1 percent, while Part I countywide increased 10.6 percent in 2014. Part I crimes as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting, included homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, and auto theft.


Five of the 19 homicides in Montgomery County in 2014 took place in District Five. There were six homicides in District Six – Gaithersburg, and four homicides in District Four – Wheaton. While, District Three- Silver Spring had two homicides and District One – Rockville and District Two- Bethesda had one homicide each. In 2013, there were just eight homicides in the County, however in 2012 the county tallied 15 homicides.

“One of the most notable increases is the number of homicides,” said Manger in the Crime Report. “While these incidents increased over 100 percent, the total number of homicides is less than 20, which is very low for a jurisdiction of our size. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the homicides, and as has historically been the case, most of our homicides involved either family members or acquaintances. In addition, all but one of these cases has been solved.”

“If you look at the numbers,” said District Five-Germantown Commander David Gillespie, “in the last two years we’ve had six homicides, almost all of those are domestic related. In all of them the victim knew the suspect and arrests were made in four of them.” It should be noted that these statistics do not include the victims of Hoggle case, which is still under investigation.