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Leggett Warns of Budget Shortfall at Germantown Forum

LeggettBudget (1 of 1).jpg

By Kevin O’Rourke

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett cautioned against expecting any increase in funding for line items in the fiscal year 2016 operating budget in a meeting with community members on Monday, Jan. 5, due to an expected $237.9 million shortfall.

Leggett fielded questions and requests from upcounty residents on topics such as improving the transportation systems, expanding low-income housing, and increasing social services for senior citizens.

However, increasing funding for any budget area will be difficult based on the budget projection presented by Rose Glavinic, of the Montgomery County Office of Management and Budget.


Glavinic said that when the county begins fiscal year 2016 on July 1, it will be faced with a $237.9 million budget gap between the projected revenues and expenses. The largest portion of the overage expenses comes from $209.5 million for reserves and retiree health insurance, the rest is made up of $26.8 million for cash for the Capital Budget and $25.3 million for debt service.

When asked if he would increase spending for senior servi