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County to Dredge Parts of Gunners Lake


By Kevin O’Rourke

Thirty years ago when most of Germantown was still farmland, as townhouses and neighborhood developments were being constructed, lakes and ponds were also being formed to serve as rainwater detention basins for all the impervious surfaces being built. It was at this time when the Gunners Branch stream was dammed up at Wisteria Road to create Gunners Lake.

“Gunners Lake has become a community resource,” said Ravi Parkhie, property manager with North Lake Village Federation. “It is a gem hidden within the community.” The man-made lake created in 1985, has become a sort of destination for Germantown families to hike around and fathers to take their sons fishing.

In February, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection will begin an eight month dredging project which will remove 20,000 cubic-yards of sediment from the northern end of the lake.

According to Amy Stevens, manager of Montgomery County DEP’s Stormwater Facility Maintenance P