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Santa Schedules Ride With Germantown Volunteer Fire Department


By Kevin O’Rourke

The Germantown Volunteer Fire Department will chauffer Santa Claus around town again this year. The GVFD reports that Santa has scheduled his ride through Germantown for Friday, Dec. 19 through Tuesday, Dec. 23.

“Santa will do his best to get down as many streets as possible,” according the GVFD website. “There may be nights where Santa may not be able to make it down to all the streets due to emergency calls, or the fire truck won’t fit because of cars parked on the street and or inclement weather. We ask that you continue to check the website or Facebook page for any changes.”

The GVFD will post as much as possible about the Santa’s current street during the ride through town on the Germantown Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page.

Here is the schedule for Santa’s ride through Germantown:

Friday, Dec. 19: Wisteria Road and Circle Gate Way, Grey Eagle Court, Bent Willow Circle, Wisteria Road and Sky Blue Drive, Coral Grove Place, Port Haven Drive, Partridge Wood Drive, Cherry Bend Drive, Mateny Hill Road, Summit Ridge Terrace, Matney Road, Harmony Woods Lane, Pine Ridge Lane, Cinnamon Drive,ive, Dairymaid Drive, Wheatridge Drive, Creamery Hill Drive, Liberty Mill Road, McFarlin Drive, Fountain Hills Drive, and Sparkling Water Drive.

Saturday, Dec. 20: Ritchter Farm Road between Route 118 and Clopper Road, Rockingham Road, Coachmans Road, Falconcrest Road, Bromfield Road, Avatar Road, Ashleigh Greene, Kings Crossing Boulevard, Fable Drive, Autumn Crest Road, Schaeffer Road, Northern Dancer Lane, Tapwood Road, Kingsview Middle School area, Hopkins Road, Kingsview Road, Ronald McNair Elementary School, Eternity Road, Falling Star Road, Steeple Road, Highstream Drive, Ranworth Drive, Steeple Place, and Steeple Court.

Sunday, Dec. 21: Riffleford, Road, Charity Lane, Autumn Trail Drive, Monarch Vista Drive, Northwest High School at Richter Farm Road, Cricket Hill Drive, Sanderling Place, Molasses Run Drive, Red Rocks Drive, Clopper Ridge Road, Crownsgate Circle, Father Hurley Boulevard,, Hopkins Road/Warrior Brook Drive, Dawson Farm Road, Tilford, Way, Caravan Drive, Palmetto Circle, Lullaby Road, Harvest Glen Way, Waterford, Hills Boulevard,, Martin Luther King Middle School, Wisteria Drive, Placid Lake Terrace, Long Channel Drive, Wanegarden Drive, Wynnfield Drive, and Waterside Drive.

Monday, Dec. 22: Waters Landing Elementary School, Waters Landing Drive, Locbury Drive, Country Ridge Drive, Club Hill Drive, William B Gibbs Middle School, Observation Drive, Village Green Circle, Royal Carriage Drive, Royal Crown Drive, Milestone Manor Lane, Manor View Circle, Drive,. Sally K Ride Elementary School, Seneca Crossing Drive, Tall Forest Drive, Scottsbury Drive, and Shakespeare Boulevard.

Tuesday, Dec. 23: Warning Station Road, Forest Brook Road, Stoney Bottom Road, Ridgecrest Drive, Cross Ridge Drive, Fox Chapel Elementary School, Gunners Branch Road, Midridge Road, Staleybridge Road, St. Johnsbury Lane, Wheatfield Drive, Golden Meadow Drive, Midcounty Highway, Captain James Daly Elementary School, Scenery Drive, Brandermill Drive, Millpond Terrace, and Brook Run Drive.

Dates and location are subject to change and GVFD will update its Facebook page and Website. For any questions please send an email to santa@gvfd29.org.

Photo Credit: Laural and GVFD