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Father of Hoggle Kids Believes They Are In Germantown


By Kevin O’Rourke

Troy Turner, the father of Jacob and Sarah Hoggle, believes his children are somewhere in Germantown.

In a video released by MyMCMedia.org, Turner said that because the children’s mother, Catherine Hoggle, was located in Germantown, after a week of eluding police, he believes the kids are still alive and still in the Germantown area.

Turner says that because Catherine Hoggle was seen getting on a Ride On Bus and leaving the Germantown area during the time when she was eluding the police, and that she was ultimately captured not far from where the Ride On Transit Station is he believes she came back for a reason, and that reason is the children as somewhere near the area.

“She could have been gone, if she wanted to be gone,” Turner told MyMCMedia.org. “I can’t think of any other reason that she would continuously return to that spot, to that point, except for that my kids are there somewhere. My kids are somewhere in that area.”

Turner stopped short of saying the kids are in the Pinnacle Complex at the corner of Crystal Rock Drive and Century Boulevard, which is where Catherine Hoggle was captured on Sept. 12. “I am no saying they are right there where she was in the complex, but I have to believe that they are somewhere in that area,” said Turner.

Montgomery County Police would not comment directly on Turner’s assertion that his children are still in the downtown Germantown area. “The Montgomery County Police Department is actively investigating every aspect of this case,” said a statement from MCPD. “Our 60,000-acre search includes the Germantown area as well as the Darnestown and Clarksburg areas. Since the search is an extension of the active investigation we will not comment or announce all aspects of the search effort.”


The children, Jacob, 2, and Sarah, 3, were last known to be in the company of their mother, Catherine Hoggle. Catherine Hoggle, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, also went missing on Sept. 8. She was found and taken into custody by police on Friday, Sept.12. The children were not with her when she was taken into custody, and she has not divulged their whereabouts.

Earlier this week, Montgomery County Police asked the public to be aware of the two vehicles that Catherine Hoggle was known to have driven during the time Sarah and Jacob went missing.

Police said the vehicles have been accounted for, but ask business owners to check any business video surveillance tapes for evidence that these vehicles were in the area. The police are asking business owners to check their exterior video camera footage from Sunday, Sept. 7 during the hours of 4:30 pm until 7:30 pm for a silver/gray Nissan Rogue with red, white and blue Maryland license plates 3AX8778. Jacob Hoggle, 2, is believed to have gone missing on Sunday, Sept. 7.

Catherine Hoggle remains in police custody undergoing mental evaluations as Montgomery County police continue to build a homicide case against her for the murder of her two children.


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