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Hoggle Claims Children Are Safe, Police Unable to Verify


By Kevin O’Rourke

Catherine Hoggle has told police that her two children, Jacob and Sarah are alive and safe, but will not give investigators specific information about their whereabouts.

Hoggle, the 27 year-old diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, who had been eluding police since Monday was captured by police at 11:18 pm on Friday night outside the Pinnacle Complex at the corner of Crystal Rock Drive and Century Boulevard in Germantown.

Police indicate that during questioning Hoggle said the “kids are safe” and tells them that Jacob, 2, and Sarah, 3, are alive, but will not divulge specific information about where the children are or who they are with. Earlier this week, MCPD obtained a warrant for her arrest on child neglect charges, based on her leaving her children unattended for more than 72 hours.

Earlier today, MCPD said that search teams would continue to search areas that detectives believe that Hoggle may have visited in recent days, but that the areas were determined prior to taking Hoggle into custody last night.


Police believe that Hoggle has spent the last several nights on the streets, indicating that she was disheveled when she was apprehended.

Investigators say that Hoggle changed the look of her hair in an effort to alter her appearance in an effort elude police. Earlier in the search police indicated that Hoggle was showing a pattern of behavior that shows she knew exactly what she was doing in eluding capture