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Storms Turn Germantown Skies into an Artist Canvas

photo 1_edited.JPG

A line of thunderstorms that rolled across the Germantown area Tuesday evening, thankfully didn’t do much more than create puddles and cancel soccer practices, but they left created some amazing images in the skies.

The photo above, was taken from the field at Capt. Daly Elementary School on Scenery Drive in Germantown as the storm rolled into town.

In other parts of Montgomery County the storms took down trees and power lines creating power outages, but Germantown was spared the strong winds.

photo 2_edited_edited.JPG

As the darkness of the cloud shelf rolled past the rain was followed by the bright sunshine which helped temperatures in the Germantown area climb well above 90 degrees in the afternoon. This errie image was taken at Middlebrook Road and Great Seneca Highway.


The clouds eventually gave way to blue skies and a beautiful sunset to the west. The picture above was taken at soccer fields at Gunner Lake Park.

While the sun was setting in the west, to the east, as the storm moved away from Germantown a beautiful and vibrant rainbow appeared.