GermantownPulse encourages local photographers to share their original images and impressions of our community, which is rich with many beautiful sights. Our Around Town section will be a place to share these images. To submit, send high-quality photos to and we will review and share them with the community.

SoccerPlex Sugarloaf Sunset. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Late Spring in the Agricultural Reserve in Western Montgomery County. Straw bales in the fields and Sugarloaf Mountain in the background. Photo by Germantown Pulse

Spring is Bunny Time in Germantown! Photo by Madeline Oliveira

A strong line of storms knocked out power and brought down many trees in the UpCounty, forcing road closures and snarling evening commutes on Thursday, May 23. The storm brought down this tree on Hopkins Road in Germantown and turned many of the traffic lights into four-way stops. Photo by Germantown Pulse

There was some horsing around at Warrior Canine Connection's annual annual eye exam day for puppies in training and Veteran service dog teams on Saturday, May 11 at its Healing Quarters in Boyds. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

This photo of what appears to be a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk was snapped in Germantown a few weeks ago. Photo by Melissa McCeny


Seneca Creek along the Disk Golf course in Seneca Creek State Park. This is near holes 4 and 5 of the course. Photo by Trevia-Lynne Colwell.

Foggy Morn - Recently, Germantown residents awoke to a rather foggy morning. This photo was taken on Germantown Road near the intersection of Wisteria Drive. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Sunset over Waters Landing Elementary School. Photo by Eddy Winnie Estrada.

Spring is Taking Flight - Two Canada Geese take flight from Little Seneca Lake as the trees begin to bud in Black Hill Regional Park in the background. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Darling Buds of March - This Carolina Wren is perched among the buds and snow in the area around Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCeney

The Tunnel - The one-lane underpass under the train tracks on Game Preserve Road. Scary and spooky as a ghost story has long been associated with this throwback to when Germantown roads often required just one lane. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Sunset Marsh. This marsh and stream at the corner of Old Hundred Road and Thurston Road in the Dickerson was created by the melting snow. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Fox in Winter. Submitted by Melissa McCeney.

February's Blazing Sunset as seen from Great Seneca Highway submitted by Eddy Winnie Estrada.

GERMANTOWN HISTORY - "Big Train" to roll again. Germantown, MD, Sept. 13. 1938 — Walter Johnson; Washington Senators' pitching star for two decades, scored another shutout when he defeated his opponent, James M. Mount, for the Republican nomination as County Commissioner for Montgomery County. The score was; Johnson 1,025 votes, Mount 40. The former pitcher now runs a dairy farm [in Germantown.] His farmland is now the site of Seneca Valley High School.

The sunset was hiding behind the trees near Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, but it couldn't hide the beautiful color in the skies. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Snowy Sunset - The winter sun just falling behind the horizon in Frederick County and Virginia as seen from Old Hundred Road in Dickerson. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Western MoCo Sunset. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

WINTER FUN - Plenty of youngsters took advantage of the snow day last week to go sledding on one of Germantown's best sledding spots - the hill at Kingsview Local Park next to the Kingsview Village Shopping Center at the intersection of Clopper Road and Great Seneca Highway. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Dawn breaks over the Germantown MARC Station Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Wires and Winter Sunset Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Horse Country - Horses grazing in a field at Muldoon's Farm in Poolesville were a big attraction for the hundreds of soccer players from as far away as New York who were attending the Bethesda Premier Cup soccer tournament held on fields at the farm earlier this month. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Little Seneca Sunset - The sun has fallen behind the clouds and almost set over Little Lake Seneca and Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Autumn comes to Germantown. The beautiful color of the trees pop as they line Dawson Farm Road in Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Sunset and Sugarloaf - The majestic beauty of an UpCounty sunset as the sun sinks behind Sugarloaf Mountain. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The first color of Autumn began to show this week in Germantown The leaves around the Black Hill Trail by Wanegarden Drive and Wynnfield Drive are showing some color around Little Seneca Lake. Photo by Yesenia Flores Diaz

"The morning steals upon the night, Melting the darkness." - William Shakespeare. Germantown awoke to a spectacular dawn on Thursday. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Riding in Style - Clarksburg High School's Homecoming King and Queen arrive in style at halftime of Friday's Homecoming Game between the Coyotes and the Wheaton Knights. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

October Sunset - The clouds and the sun combine to create a beautiful sunset over over Seneca Valley Highway in Germantown in early October. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Taking the High Road: The view of Comus Road in Clarksburg looking south from the intersection with Shiloh Church Road as the road heads higher into the western MoCo hills.

A collision left traffic snarled during Wednesday’s evening rush hour as two SUVs crashed at the intersection of Germantown Road and Crystal Rock Drive, leaving one on its hood in the median of Crystal Rock Drive. MCPD and MCFRS responded. Photo by Germantown Pulse

The Dragon's Fingertips - The high heat and humidity moving through the region on Tuesday created these high reaching thunderheads to the south of Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

A new day, a new school year. The Sun rises over the beautiful Upper Montgomery County countryside. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

A crowd gathers to listen to the Roberto Clemente Middle School Rock Band at Germantown Community Day held on Saturday, Aug. 25 at Gunners Lake Local Park. The event was sponsored by the ACE Project and was a a wonderful day of community and fun. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Clean and Clear. The Seneca Creek flows over rocks near the Davis Mill bridge on Huntsmaster Road in Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The green, green grass and the beauty of Sugarloaf Mountain from Old Hundred Road on a stunning morning. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Full and Lush: Great Seneca Creek was full and flowing and the forest was green and growing after all the rains of the past weeks. This was taken near Davis Mill Road in northern Germantown Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and his Irish-Rock Band O'Malley's March rocked the lawn as part of BlackRock's Summer Concert Series on July 28, 2018. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The McMillan Pipe Band perform as part of BlackRock's Summer Concert Series on July 28, 2018. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Irish dancers from the Culkin School of Irish Dance perform as part of BlackRock's Summer Concert Series on July 28, 2018. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

With all the rain, the crazy amount of rain, the sinkhole creating amount of rain Germantown has seen the water level in Gunners Lake has risen quite high. Photo credit to Christine Butto.

The sunflower fields at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville. Photo by Lucy Beucher

Beautiful sunset over the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown on Saturday night as the lights from the traffic streams out of the SoccerPlex. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Two bunnies huddle together against a wooden wall among the wildflowers. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

Wild flowers blooming along the banks of Great Seneca Creek near Riffleford Road. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Thursday night's storm as it rolled over Germantown taken from northbound Great Seneca Highway near the WSSC plant. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

An amazing shot of Thursday night's storm as it rumbled across the area. This one was taken in Clarksburg near the Harris Teeter store. Thanks to Eddy Estrada for sending it to us. Photo by Eddy Estrada.

The sun feels good. This young fox is catching some rays in the area of Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCenny.

Storm rollin' in. The stormy skies above the 7-Eleven and Zipps Dry Cleaners on Clopper Road as the slow moving line of thunderstorms descended on Germantown on Tuesday evening, May 15. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Rain followed by sun gives us beautiful rainbows. This one was seen over Gunners Lake Park in Germantown on Thursday, May 10.  Photo by Germantown Pulse.

We shall name this one Ryan, Ryan Gosling. This chick was photographed in Germantown near Lake Churchill. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

The Seneca Valley High School JROTC Honor Guard presents our nation's colors during the National Anthem at a recent Washington Spirit NWSL soccer game. Photo by Germantown Pulse

Spring beauty. A weekend with sunshine and spring-like temp makes facing the week ahead better. These beauties are living along a hillside on South Germantown Park Drive near the Adventure Playground. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

If it is good for the goose, it must be good for the gander. Have a gander at this photo of the geese on Little Lake Seneca. Photo by Ruthanne Stoltzfus

While winter continues to hold on with a Winter Weather Advisory posted for Monday, Germantown is showing signs of Spring as Cherry Blossoms are popping on trees in the UpCounty. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Spring Snowmen: Last week's snowstorm was the first real snowfall of the season. It was the perfect type of snow to make a snow family. This cool trio were hanging out on Waterford Hills Boulevard near Father Hurley Boulevard in Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Snow or no snow, a squirrel has to eat. This guy found a meal despite the snowfall last week. Photo by Alaina Shields.

Tranquil Beauty: Gunners Lake in Germantown.   Photo courtesy of Anya Stichman.

This cool Belted Kingfisher can be heard, and sometimes seen, hanging around Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo courtesy of the amazing Melissa McCenny

A quick evening rainstorm and a setting sun made a for an eerie dusk sky behind houses in Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse

A mid-February snowfall made for some beautiful scenes around Germantown. Photo by Colleen Shea.

The Germantown Alps or Germantown, MD. backyard the morning after a snowfall. Photo by Marvin Allport

Winter Sunset over Little Lake Seneca. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

2 Cold for 2 Feet: This Canada Goose was not putting two feet on the ice at Lake Churchill in Germantown. Can you blame him? It was too cold.  Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Cool, Clear, Icy Morning: The winter sun reflects the blue sky off of frozen Lake Seneca on a cool, clear January morning. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The Cardinal. The Northern Cardinal stands out in winter as a flash of color in an often gray time of year. He sings proudly for all to hear. Cardinals do not fear being seen in out and about in winter, neither should we. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

A Winter's Dawn: The Sun breaks over Germantown. Taken near the intersection of Brink Road and Seneca Crossing Drive. Photo by Germantown Pulse

Snowy Fox or Foxy Snow. This beautiful creature was photographed enjoying the snow near Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

Making a Splash: A Hooded Merganser Duck makes waves as it takes off on Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

Winter Skylight - Afternoon clouds fighting with the Sun to save a bit of snow still on the ground at South Germantown Park. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam.” It turns out that home is in Boyds. This handsome creature is an American Bison, also commonly known as the American buffalo and it can be seen roaming in a field on Slidell Road. The Boyds Buffalo roams on a farm with a few cow friends. We know there are plenty of deer around these parts, not sure how many antelope are at play in the area, but we didn’t know the buffalo roamed here, so you never know. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The Orange Mother Ship Cloud. Sunsets in Germantown are amazing and they give color things that normally don't have color. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Warm Autumn Colors and a Cold Stream. The colors of Fall were everywhere this weekend, and looked amazing in the early morning sun around the Bucklodge Branch stream which runs along White Ground Road in Boyds. Photo by Germantown Pulse

The Northwest Marching Jaguars placed 3rd in the Nation at the USBands National Championships in Allentown, PA on Saturday, for their show titled “The Marching Dead,” which has the band start as zombies and they are healed by the magic of music. The band placed 3rd overall and received the Cadets Award of Excellence, as well as Best Visual Performance. This photo is from the band’s performance at last Friday night’s Northwest football game, the night before Nationals. Photo Germantown Pulse

Autumn comes to Germantown Road. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

This beautiful horse was hanging out in his field off Burnt Hill Road in Clarksburg. Photo by Germantown Pulse

As he left the field after his last home game, Clarksburg senior Timothy Lehr, knelt at the memorial for four classmates lost last year. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Soccer at Sunset - Another amazing sunset over the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown, taken on a recent Friday evening. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

What are you Lookin' At? - This curious Praying Mantis stopped by Germantown this week. Contrary to popular belief it is not illegal to kill them. It is unwise because they do kill and eat many other unpleasant insects. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Sunset Behind a Cloud Shelf. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

BLUE SKY - Sometimes just a bit of Blue Sky can brighten up the entire week. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Fox at Lake Churchill. This amazing photo of a fox near Lake Church was taken by Germantown resident Melissa McCeney and is part of a contest. Vote to here to have this photo become part of a the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources annual photo contest, "Like" your favorite photo by Saturday, September 30th at 5:00 pm. The photo with the most likes will be featured with other winning images in the 2018 calendar. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

The Seneca Valley High School JROTC Color Guard honor our nation at every Washington Spirit home game by presenting our flag. Photo by Germantown Pulse

Rainbow over the Montgomery College Germantown Campus, this was captured on August 18 after a thunderstorm. Photo by Hector Avalos

Total Eclipse or Photo Bomb? Petrina Steimel of Germantown had some fun with her eclipse cereal box viewer. Photo by Martha Shields.

Little Seneca Lake Path: The Wisteria Road entrance to Little Seneca Lake in Germantown. Photo by Marissa Shook

This green guy was spotted watching a girls soccer game at the Maryland SoccerPlex last weekend. He was just watching the action. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

This picturesque waterfall is normally just a dry stream located near WildCat Road in Germantown, but the massive amount of rain the area received on Friday turned it into country waterfall. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Fiery Sky - A stunning sunset over Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Clouds at Sunset. A thunderhead rolled over Montgomery County on Friday evening, June 30. This was captured from the Maryland SoccerPlex. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Rainbow of Savings - The rainbow over the Clarksburg Premium Outlets was taken on Saturday, June 17 after some storms blew through the region. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

The Gate to Mordor or the Pepco Substation on Germantown Road?Pepco has recently installed new security fencing around the Germantown Road Substation facility. It is imposing and with a little photo editing fun, it looks a lot like the Gate to Modor from Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings." Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Southern Storms: Clouds from the thunderstorms which passed through southern Montgomery County on Wednesday night, May 31 taken over a field in Boyds. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

This foxy little critter was barking up the wrong tree Thursday morning, April 27 at about 7:30 am near the Wendy's in Germantown Commons. Photo submitted by Scott Jackson.

Two male Hooded Mergansers gliding along Lake Churchill enjoying the unseasonably warm February weather on Saturday, Feb. 18. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Sunset Rush: A Winter Sun sets over Germantown at rush hour on Germantown Road near Aircraft Drive. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

Blizzard (3 of 4)

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: The Blizzard of '16 hit on Jan. 23, 2016. It dropped 36 inches of snow on Germantown. For more memories check out the Germantown Pulse's Blizzard of '16 Page.

MCPD RUNS ON DUNKIN: This photo of seven MCPD cruisers was snapped at about 2:10 pm on Friday, Jan 13 at the Dunkin Donuts on Wisteria Drive. We love our D5 officers, and they clearly love donuts. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: The B&O Railroad's Capitol Limited train chugging through Germantown on March 2, 1969. Photo taken taken by Roger Puta via Wikimedia Commons

Dark-eyed junco with a snowflake hat. Photo by Melissa McCeney

Holiday Time: The Christmas Tree at Clarksburg Premium Outlets, with a substantial amount of photo editing work by Germantown Pulse.

Jingle Ball!! The massive Christmas Tree Ornament is part of the Clarksburg Premium Outlet's Holiday Decorations. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

December sunset over the fields at Capt. Daly Elementary School and Clear Spring Park in Germantown. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

December Sunset: December 1, 2016 sunset over the Maryland SoccerPlex. Photo by Germantown Pulse.

While so many were looking east at last week's SuperMoon, Larry Williams took this shot "Looking West" at the sun setting over Maryland. Photo by Larry Williams.

SuperMoon and Geese. Canada Geese fly in front of the SuperMoon over Germantown on Sunday, Nov. 13. Photo by Melissa McCeney

Supermoon over Germantown. On Sunday and Monday, Nov. 13 and 14 the moon was the closest it has been to earth since 1948. Photo by Germantown Pulse

Foggy Morning at Tenmile Creek on Clarksburg Road in Boyds. Photo by Randy Smith

Golden Fields, take near the Seneca Meadows Parkway in Germantown. Photo by Murali Hari.

Little Seneca Lake Sunset from Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds. Photo by Murali Hari.

Summer Flowers

Black Eyed Susan at the Germantown Town Center Urban Park behind the Germantown Library.

Serene Scene -  Little Seneca Lake

Little Seneca Lake in Germantown with Black Hill Region Park on the other side. Photo submitted by Lizette M Rivera.

MCPD's Officer Mark Hugi, with the 5th District in Germantown jams with the Seneca Valley band between varsity games on Friday, Jan. 15.

Time to Gather Treasure

Autumn means it is time to gather your nuts together for Winter, if you are a squirrel. This little guy was busy at Little Lake Seneca in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCeney.

Time to Gather Nuts

A swan glides along the water at Lake Churchill in Germantown. Photo by Melissa McCeney.


This photo was taken by Kevin Rambinhos near the intersection of Ridge Road and Frederick Road in Germantown.

Blazing Tree at Seneca Lodge

This tree, which is in front of Seneca Lodge on Clopper Road in Boyds, was blazing with color on a cloudless day.

Autumn Crest Road

The apply named Autumn Crest Road at just before the crest of Autumn.


Spotted outside of a Germantown martial arts studio. Photo by Alexis Gerard.

Lake Churchill

The tranquil beauty of Lake Churchill. Photo submitted by Jessica Sarkissian.

Underpass Artwork

This bit of "street art"is located on the concrete along the CSX/MARC train underpass. The road above is Great Seneca Highway. Photo by Brigit Shields.

Sunset Soccer

The autumn sun sets over a SAM soccer game at the Maryland SoccerPlex.

The Wood Owl

Does anyone know where this guys lives? Have you seen this owl? Photo by Kevin O'Rourke

Great Seneca Sunset

Sunsets in Germantown are amazing. This was the view from Great Seneca Highway at sunset last week. Photo by Kevin O'Rourke

Our Cup Runneth Over

The fountain in Germantown along Century Boulevard. Photo credit: Randall Davenport.

Morning Run

This week's Around Town submission comes from William Gibson, who snapped this while out for a morning run in Germantown Center. Photo credit: William Gibson.

Small World

Often our world can seem so small. Especially when viewed from Montgomery College in Germantown. Photo credit: Kevin O'Rourke

Beautiful Horizon

Clopper Road farm near the Boyds MARC train station. Wondrous sky and hopeful land. Photo by Kevin O'Rourke

Sunset Reflections

"Sunset Reflections" taken at Little Seneca Lake in Germantown. Photo by Alexis Gerard.

Back to School

The First Day of School is always full of promise and wonder.

Tranquil Trails

Sunlight strikes the pond at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown. Photo by Diana Barceló

History in a Barrel

A little bit of Germantown History. Photo credit: Kevin O'Rourke

Next Stop... Germantown

Beautiful image of the tracks leading to Germantown. Photo credit: Annette Vallone.