Advertising Rates


            Be part of Germantown’s newest News and Information source, GermantownPulse is the only publication exclusively devoted to the Germantown area.

            Started in August 2014, the Website has quickly become the Pulse of the community. It has a steady and ever-growing readership, which has grown mostly by word of mouth among Germantown residents, and a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

            The GermantownPulse boasts a growing audience of followers with an average of almost 2,500 unique visitors each day. The web-based news service boasts more than 13,000 unique visitors per week, and that number continues to climb.  In 2018 more than 367,00 people visited the, 984,847 times. The audience continues to grow.

             Targeted Audience: GermantownPulse reaches the readers who care about Germantown, with 40% of all visitors being from Germantown, and 69% of all visitors are from Montgomery County, based on Google Analytics. Also, GermantownPulse has a high return visitor rate of 47%.  That means nearly 1/2 of visitors are returning to check the content on every week. 


The Germantown Pulse’s readers are your customers.

Don’t you want to be part of their daily routine?



Regular Rates:

$15 to post an event on our Community Calendar – The Hub .

$30 for a Featured Event on The Hub – This includes at least two social media shout-outs to over 13,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Local Non-Profit Rate (i.e. church, school, civic organization) – 1 ad – 200 x 330 pixels vertical ad on the left gutter of the website. - $100

Basic Monthly rate is $150 for a month. That gets you a 200x330 pix display ad on the website. That ad appears on every page of GermantownPulse, and with every posted story.

Full Package which is $175, which includes the 200x330 display ad on the website, plus an ad in the weekly emailed newsletter which goes out every Monday morning

On the site there are two stacks of ads, to be placed at the top of those two stacks is premium placement which is an additional $50 for the month.

We also have multi-month packages: 
is 3 months on the website and in the weekly newsletter for $450, which is $75 less than buying three months individually

The Six-Month-Package 6 months on the website and in the weekly newsletter for $850, which is $250 less than buying six months individually.

The Inside Story Package, An INSIDE-STORY ad is an ad which appears in the body of each article/story we run. Beginning in 2019, the IN-Story ads will be 600 pixels wide x 200 pixels high and run across the width of the article on the website on both desktop and mobile platforms. The INSIDE-STORY ad rate is $300 for one month basic and $400 for basic and newsletter.

The Inside Story Package costs:
$300 for one month – Basic Monthly Rate for Inside Story Package
$400 for one month – Full Package, this includes an ad on the weekly newsletter
$900 for three months – this includes an ad on the weekly newsletter
$1700 for six months - this includes an ad on the weekly newsletter

Any commitment of more than three months, automatically gets Premium Position on the site, for the length of the commitment. 

For an additional $150 in multi-month packages, would include two Featured Events on The Hub per month. (Two Featured Events would cost $60 per month if purchased individually. That would equal $180 for three months or $360 for six months.)

The  Run of the Site Package, where you basically buy the website for $1,000 for one month. It gives your company one ad in every advertising slot on the GermantownPulse and two Featured Events on The Hub.

That includes:
1 BANNER AD ACROSS the top of the website 
1 Inside Story Ad - Display Ad inside the body of every article we post
1 Display Ad in premium position (top of the stack)
1 Ad in the weekly email newsletter
2 Featured Events on
The Hub
. with social media shout-outs during the month.

Native Content – One posting of advertiser provided content, clearly marked as “Sponsored Content” posted to the GermantownPulse website and provided to the Pulse audience for $550 per post. It would also include a standard 1-month ad – 200 x 330 pixels vertical ad on the left gutter ad stack. We will allow only one Native Content posting per month, per advertiser. 


Multiple month packages can run different ads for each month.
Additional $50 for in-house ad design.


Call or email Kevin O’Rourke for more information,

(240) 813-8371 or