A Hyper-local Digital News Source Devoted Exclusively to Germantown

Welcome to GermantownPulse!!! Finally, a local news source devoted exclusively to Germantown, Md. It is my hope that this will become the go-to source for all news and information related to the Germantown community, whether you are looking for real crime news or information about baseball registration or local PTA activities.


Germantown has a population of over 86,000 people that grows every week as more developments are built. Germantown has an outstanding performance center in the Black Rock Center, an amazing sports facility in the Maryland SoccerPlex, a tremendous shopping area in Milestone, its own college in Montgomery College in Germantown, our own professional sports team in Washington Spirit, two high schools, four middle schools, numerous elementary schools, many youth sports leagues, and a wonderful variety of parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.


But it had no news source devoted exclusively to Germantown.


Until now.


Now it has the GermantownPulse. A completely digital news source for the 21st century, complete with Twitter and Facebook feeds. If it’s happening in Germantown, the GermantownPulse wants to know about it. So follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook or just drop me on-line at Kevinor@germantownpulse.net.


GermantownPulse founder and editor is Kevin O'Rourke, a Germantown resident who spent the early part of his career as an editor with local weekly newspapers in the days before social media, blogs, and smartphones. He fell in love with the great sense of community that local newspapers were able to provide to readers.


GermantownPulse seeks to create those same feelings of community and belonging in the 21st Century. When he's not on Facebook, Twitter, or working, Kevin can be found coaching baseball and soccer in the community or volunteering at a PTA event.


GermantownPulse is a member of the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association and The Local Independent Online News Publishers Association.


If you have a story that you'd like to see covered by GermantownPulse, please drop Kevin a note at Kevinor@germantownpulse.net